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Sprott Weekly Wrap Up: The “Hard to Reverse Trend” Affecting Precious Metals Right Now

Toronto, ON / February 14, 2020 / JMN Wire / It’s Valentine’s Day, and the markets are showing precious metals some love this week. Will it continue? In this edition of the Weekly Wrap-Up, Eric Sprott and host Craig Hemke give you all the gold and silver news you need for the holiday, including:

  • The overriding concern right now
  • The move Eric made “for the first time in years”
  • Plus: Which companies are outperforming the miners—by far

“I saw that wages went up all of .6% last year and inflation was 2.5. … And I see that delinquencies on autos have gone way up, and God forbid that we have shutdowns of companies in the United States and all of a sudden you don’t get the paycheck. …We may get into a situation that we’re almost in in China, where the government just says to hell with it, we’re going to support everybody, i.e., print the money. If it ever went worldwide… It tells you a lot about thinking about making sure you keep your gold position.”

Junior mining companies discussed:

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