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Sprott Weekly Wrap Up: A Week of “Tough, Tough News” for Gold and Silver Investors

Toronto, ON / February 7, 2020 / JMN Wire / As February kicked off with a week of difficult news, there were still bright spots of optimism for precious metals investors. In this edition of the Weekly Wrap-Up, Eric Sprott and host Craig Hemke take a deep dive into all the gold and silver news you need, including:

  • The one story you should be following closely right now
  • What the latest CoT and jobs reports mean for precious metals
  • Plus: Eric’s thoughts on the mining shares

“First of all, just to remind the listeners, I think the first time you and I mentioned this was two weeks ago. At that time, there were two hundred cases—in the world. There is thirty-one thousand now. That’s one hell of a big increase in two weeks’ time. And I’ve seen artificial intelligence numbers that suggested that by March 15 we could have 2.5 billion cases and 53 million deaths. That’s just an extension of numbers, that’s not my prediction.”

Junior mining companies discussed:

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