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Golden Dawn Completes Kettle River Resources Acquisition

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - February 16, 2017) - Wolf Wiese, CEO of Golden Dawn Minerals Inc., (TSX VENTURE: GOM) (FRANKFURT: 3G8A) (OTC PINK: GMFRD) (the "Company" or "Golden Dawn ") announces it has completed the acquisition of Kettle River Resources Ltd. (KRR) with New Nadina Explorations Ltd. (TSX VENTURE: NNA).The KRR assets include the Greenwood Area Properties (GAP), with mineral claims totaling 11,000 ha., covering 78 mineral showings, including 29 historic metal mines.

Golden Dawn has acquired this property through the acquisition of Kettle River Resources Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of New Nadina Explorations Limited. Golden Dawn and New Nadina Explorations Limited signed a Letter of Intent regarding this transaction which includes the mineral property assets (See news release Oct. 18, 2016). Consideration for the acquisition consisted of a non-refundable deposit of $80,000 on signing the LOI, $15,000 by November 26, 2016, and on closure cash payments totaling CAD$1,010,000 (inclusive of deposits and closing extension fee of $10,000), as well as 2,222,250 shares of the Company issued at $.27 which are subject to a 4 month and one day hold period. The properties are subject to a 1% NSR where the Company can purchase a ½% for $1,000,000 up to five years and thereafter $1,200,000 up to 10 years leaving a ½% NSR payable to New Nadina.

The Greenwood Area Property lies in southern B.C. near Provincial Highway 3 between Rock Creek to the west and Grand Forks to the east. It lies in the Boundary Falls area, of the Greenwood Mining Division, to the South, East and West of the City of Greenwood. The Property is comprised of 57 Crown Granted claims with sub-surface mineral rights covering 814.3 hectares, 24 Crown Granted claims with surface and sub-surface rights covering 277.4 hectares, and 51 mineral tenure claims with subsurface rights covering 10,263 hectares. The area covered by the various claim types exceeds 11,000 hectares.

This land package has an abundance of mineral prospects, encompassing 29 historical past producing mines and 49 documented mineral showings. Included is the historic Phoenix mine which produced nearly 1 million ounces of gold and 235,700 tonnes of copper from a total of 21 million tonnes mined from 1900-1919 and 1956-1978.

Mine production records from 1959 through 1967 show that 4.19 million tonnes of tailings at an average grade of 0.15% Cu, 0.38 g/t Au and 3.8 g/t Ag, were discharged to the Tremblay site, as reported in a previous technical report prepared for Kettle River, effective date July 9, 2012 and titled "National Instrument 43-101 Technical Report on the Phoenix Tailings Property, Boundary District".

Note: This historical estimate is not a mineral resource or mineral reserve and the issuers are not treating this as a current mineral resource. This estimate is relevant to the current property because the tailings deposit is still present and warrants further investigation. The estimate cannot be considered accurate, given the age of the original records and uncertainties in the key assumptions, parameters, and methods used to prepare the historical estimate. The historical estimate uses categories other than the ones set out in sections 1.2 and 1.3 of NI 43-101 because it is an estimate of tailings produced and is not a mineral resource estimate. More recent sampling was documented in a 1985 report titled "Report on Drill Testing of the Tremblay Tailings, Noranda Exploration". This report describes a vibra-core drill program in which 18 vertical holes were drilled for a total of 191.7 metres. The holes were spaced on a 100 metre grid. The drilling was performed with a vibra-core drill with NQ rod size, with samples taken every 1.5 metres (5 feet) vertically. Only a few of the holes penetrated entirely through the deposit. The resulting samples were analyzed at Rossbacher Labs of 2225 S. Springer Rd. Burnaby B.C. The samples were screened to a -80 mesh with the +80 mesh being discarded; the -80 mesh fraction was analyzed and found to contain gold, silver, copper, zinc, and lead contents at reasonably consistent grades. The total number of samples collected and analyzed was 137. The arithmetic means of analytical results were 304.8 ppb Au (0.30 g/t Au), 1088.5 ppm Cu (0.11% Cu), 2.4 ppm Ag, 83.6 ppm Zn and 6.7 ppm Pb. These results are comparable but slightly lower in Au and Cu than indicated from the production records. In order to upgrade or verify this historical estimate as a current mineral resource, an accurate survey to determine the volume of tailings, as well as a representative sample suite with density measurements and accurate metal analyses, and mineralogical characterization would be required. Metallurgical testing would also be required. A qualified person has not done sufficient work to classify the historical estimate as current mineral resources or mineral reserves.

All of the historic mines are less than 150 meters in depth with the majority being less than 50 meters deep. In addition to potential extensions to known deposits, large areas of the Greenwood Area Property remain under-explored. Early exploration was focused on copper and little exploration work has been conducted in the last 20 years.

The Kettle River acquisition also includes an extensive catalogued library of records from over 100 years of exploration and development. The data, much of it proprietary, is invaluable for assessing the mineral showings in light of new structural and metallogenic models.

All showings and historic mines are within a 15 km radius from the company's Greenwood mill. These historic copper-gold deposits are clustered in two areas: Phoenix and Summit camps.

This localized grouping of occurrences suggests the two areas may overlie porphyry-copper gold source intrusions, and were generated by metal-rich hydrothermal fluids that ascended from the intrusions.

The majority of mineralization in the Greenwood Camp can be classified as copper-gold skarns or skarn-related. Early pre-1919 exploration in the Greenwood camp focussed on such massive sulphide/oxide ores that were self-fluxing and could be shipped directly to smelters. Lower grade footwall stringer mineralization was largely ignored, as the mines wished only to ship high grade ore. As such there is excellent potential to discover large tonnage deposits of low to moderate grade copper-gold skarn material peripheral to the historic mines. In addition, since most of the historic mines were focussed on copper, iron-rich skarn zones of mineralization were largely ignored. It will be important to re-evaluate all of the skarn deposits for gold.

Summary of Past Producing Mines
Property   Minfile   Northing   Easting   Model   Commodity Tonnes
Phoenix   082ESE020   5438785   383228   Skarn   Cu-Au-Ag 21,552,283
Rawhide   082ESE026   5438732   384281   Skarn   Cu-Au-Ag 855,634
Snowshoe   082ESE025   5439164   384331   Skarn   Cu-Au-Ag 545,129
Brooklyn   082ESE013   5440016   383093   Skarn   Ag-Au-Cu 292,834
Emma   082ESE062   5443063   386967   Skarn   Cu-Au-Ag-Gr-Mo-Co 241,538
Oro Denoro   082ESE063   5442630   387019   Skarn   Cu-Au-Ag-Co 123,782
Stemwinder   082ESE014   5439926   383333   Skarn   Cu-Au 105,336
B.C. Mine   082ESE060   5443204   389159   Skarn   Cu-Au-Ag 93,874
Grey Eagle   082ESE018   5438536   383324   Skarn   Fe-Cu 45,360
Skylark   082ESE011   5438910   380288   Poly Vein   Ag-Pb-Zn+-Au 38,761
Last Chance   082ESE216   5439276   379099   Vein   Au-Ag-Pb-Zn 704
Bay   082ESE005   5438408   379202   Poly Vein   Ag-Pb-Zn+-Au 447
Marshall   082ESE031   5441016   382930   Skarn   Au-Cu-Pb,Zn 370
Bluebell   082ESE188   5443134   388063   Skarn   Cu-Au-Ag 353
Summary of Past Producing Mines (cont'd)
Property   Minfile Northing   Easting Model Commodity Tonnes
R.Bell   082ESE064 5441827   388523 Skarn/Vein Cu-Ag-Au 287
Cyclops   082ESE122 5442111   386724 Skarn(strat) Zn-Pb-Ag-Cu 259
Crescent   082ESE012 5440073   379360 Vein Meso Ag-Pb-Zn+-Au 250
Mavis   082ESE027 5438129   379277 Vein Ag-Au 29
Prince Henry   082ESE250 5438915   378625 Vein Ag-Au-Pb-Zn 19
Gold Drop   082ESE028 5439105   384168 Skarn Cu-Au 12
Aetna   082ESE022 5439027   384476 Skarn Cu-Au-Ag Part of Phoenix
Curlew   082ESE024 5438913   384508 Skarn Cu-Au-Ag Part of Phoenix
Monarch   082ESE027 5438619   383812 Skarn Cu-Au-Ag Part of Phoenix
Old Ironsides   082ESE021 5439494   383324 Skarn Cu-Au-Ag Part of Phoenix
Victoria   082ESE023 5439333   383625 Skarn Cu-Au-Ag Part of Phoenix
War Eagle   082ESE019 5438625   383324 Skarn Fe-Cu Part of Phoenix
Gilt Edge   082ESE015 5440225   383826 Skarn Cu N/A
Lake   082ESE003 5439330   379425 Poly Vein Ag-Pb-Zn+-Au N/A
May Alice   082ESE197 5441175   371596 Skarn Cu N/A
Niagara   082ESE065 5440546   392391 unknown unknown N/A
Pac   082ESE194 5441826   388341 Vein Au N/A
Rathmullen   082ESE059 5443710   390122 Vein Cu-Ag-Au-Zn N/A
Stan   082ESE132 5442576   383673 Skarn Cu-Mo N/A
Sylvester K   082ESE046 5440524   382798 Skarn(hornfels) Au N/A
Tokyo   082ESE257 5442636   389776 Vein Cu-Ag-Au-Zn N/A
Yellow Jacket   082ESE030 5438878   384711 Skarn Cu-Au N/A

Concurrently the company will explore the areas evidencing indications of intrusive porphyry deposits which may be sources for the numerous historic Mines and mineral showings. See National Instrument 43-101 Report on website or SEDAR ( This is the first time of the plus 120 year history that the Greenwood Mining District with most of the significant mines and showing has been assembled by one company.

Technical disclosure in this news release has been approved by Dr. Mathew Ball, P. Geo., a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101, and Chief Operating Officer of the Company.

For more details, please see the National Instrument 43-101 Technical Reports on the Company's website at


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